Surgical Teeth Removal



What is meant by surgical teeth removal?

While some teeth have the position and location that allows the dental specialists to remove them simply with some extraction forceps, other teeth can be positioned or located in a complex way that specialists cannot reach them without doing incision. In such a case, the dental surgeon will first numb the area and its surrounding, make an incision and then extract the tooth out.

What happens during surgical teeth removal?

Compared to wisdom teeth extraction, surgical tooth extraction can take longer time. the reason being they are complex procedure. The first step is where the dental specialist will anesthetize the extraction area. He/she would wait until the surrounding gums are also completely numb. The next step is when the specialist would make incision around the tooth so that extraction process can be expedited.

Once it is done, the surgeon will do some stitches that will take around two weeks to heal and dissolve completely. Another visit will be scheduled by the dental specialist so that he/she can have a look on if your extraction area is healing properly or not. All the precautions will be briefed to you by the dental specialist.

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