Single Tooth Dental Implants



If one of your teeth is missing because you had a tooth decay or any other injury, getting a single tooth implant will help you in regaining your confidence and the perfect smile you had. Single tooth dental implants help you in getting an effective and quick solution.


The process of single tooth dental implant

Once the specialist at SameDay Dental Implants Clinic has suggested that you should get single tooth dental implant, the procedure starts.
It can take more than a day for the whole procedure to take place. The procedure might result in slight discomfort but it is still painless.


To numb the root of the location where single tooth has to be implanted, the dental specialist will first use local anaesthesia. New implant will be placed in the jawbone surgically.


After the tissue has become completely infused with the implant, ceramic crown will be placed on top so that aesthetics can be restored. When the crown is fitted properly, it will protect your surrounding teeth

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