Root canal retreatment



If a complication occurs after the root canal treatment is done, root canal retreatment procedure becomes essential. Although there is a rare chance but there is always a possibility.


The post root canal issues can result in excruciating pain or discomfort, which can be easily cured by the specialists at Same Day Dental Implants Clinic. Once you have an appointment with the endodontist, they will be able to fix the issue without going through any surgical process in most of the cases. If somehow the problem seems to be more complex, surgical root canal retreatment might be advised by the endodontist.

The very purpose of getting a root canal treatment is protecting the tooth and preserving it in its natural form. If there is an issue that is damaging the natural tooth, only then the endodontist will recommend you to get a root canal retreatment.  


How is root canal retreatment done


The process is actually more comprehensive and takes more time than root canal treatment. The endodontist first removes the crown and filling material so that the root can be accessed. The crown, post and the filling – all are taken out. The endodontist looks for the root cause of issue and suggests further treatment accordingly.

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