Panoramic X-ray



What is meant by Panoramic X-ray?


By using ionized radiation, the x-ray test which is non-invasive in nature enables the dental specialists to have a thorough look on the dental bones and tissues. Panoramic x-ray, which is also known as panoramic radiography is actually a 2 dimensional examination method. In one image, the x-ray is able to capture the full mouth, which includes lower and upper jaws, and the teeth.


The human jaw is a very complex structure, it is not easy to understand how the jaw works and the positioning of tissues and bones if there is any issue. Panoramic x-ray comes into play when specialists want to have a closer look of the jaw as flat image is presented to them. It can become almost impossible to see tissues of underlying bones without having this x-ray.


When is Panoramic X-ray needed?


When it becomes difficult for surgeons and dentists to understand what are dental abnormalities which are causing issues for the patients using the symptoms, panoramic x-ray is conducted. It is used by oral surgeons on a routine basis. It provided thorough information about tooth positioning, bone abnormalities and also maxillary instabilities. This is also sometimes used before braces, dentures or implants are placed to located what is the perfect positioning for the tooth(s) or denture placement or implant. The other reasons why panoramic x-ray is used include:


  • Oral cysts
  • TMJ disorders
  • Impacted teeth
  • Oral cancer
  • Jaw tumors
  • Periodontal disease
  • Sinusitis


How to get ready for Panoramic procedure?


The best thing about this x-ray is that you don’t need to prepare. Your radiologist might ask you to have to your safety gear with you and wear it. It includes a lead apron which will protect body from any radiation. Because radiation can affect any metallic objects, patients are simply asked to remove any type of jewellery, glasses or wrist watches. Because fetes are extremely vulnerable, radiology is never applied on women who are pregnant.

No pain

For people who are especially worried about the painful dental procedures, panoramic x-ray is completely painless and also quick. As the radiation level is monitored, you will not get radiation on any other part of the body.


How does the procedure work?

Right placement of both the head and teeth play crucial role in getting the precise results.  As the panoramic procedure starts, the technician first adjusts your head in the centre. To be certain that correct teeth alignment occurs, a bite-blocker is given to you. To have the accurate x-ray results, the technician will ask you to remain still in the chair as the machine is being run. If there seems to be a disturbance, the technician will run the machine again. Once the results seem to be accurate enough, the bite-blocker will be removed. In just a matter of a few minutes, you’d be free to walk out the dental center.

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