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Being an athlete or a sport player, there is a high probability that you are well-aware about the different serious injuries that can take place. While playing during field time, there is always a chance that you might get hit by a fast ball or a football right in your teeth that either break one or two teeth, misalign them or disrupt the shape of your jaw.


To avoid any such undesirable situation, at Same Day Dental Implants Clinic – we offer sports dentistry that will provide you with a complete set of dental treatments to prevent any such injury or diseases. The very purpose of sport dentistry is to take the necessary measures to avoid any such injury while playing.


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To reduce the risks of getting serious oral injuries, players need to wear mouthguards and such appliances so that they remain safe while playing. At Same Day Dental Implants Clinic, we actively help sports players and athletes in performing their best by eliminating their risk of getting any serious oral injury.


For all sport activities that can result in an oral injury, for instance football, cricket, bicycle etc., we offer a number of different type of mouthguards and dental protection appliances, which include:

  • Standard Mouthguard
  • Intact Adult Mouthguard
  • Boxer’s Mouthguard
  • Intact Martial Arts Mouthguard
  • Adult Mouthguard

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