Multiple teeth implants



If you are suffering from the loss of more than one tooth, it is a good option to go for multiple teeth implants. The multiple dental implants will help you in filling the gaps between your teeth and preserving your natural smile. The procedure is similar to that of the single tooth dental implant with the only difference, they cover more than one tooth.



Why get multi teeth implants?


The biggest benefit of getting dental implants is that they have a long life and you do not need to get dental bridges to do so. While a fixed bridge or denture can hurt the underlying bone in some cases – dental implants can never affect the gums or the surrounding teeth.


What is the process of getting multi teeth implants?


Dental implants are placed within your jaw. The first step is where the dental specialist will place the screws within the jaw. Temporary material will be used to fill in the space by the specialist. The dental specialist will give the screws time to get fused into the jawbone. Once they have fused completely in the jawbone, strong base for the porcelain teeth will be formed.


In the second step, dental specialist will take off the fillings so that extensions can be attached the implants. The third and the last step is where the replacement teeth or bridges will be attached to the abutments. You will be able to have your full smile once again.

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