Metallic Braces



For adults and children who don’t mind wearing braces and still smiling gracefully, metallic braces work like a champ.


What are these?

Metallic braces are the orthodox style of braces. Not only that, they are also the oldest methods, which is used by orthodontic patients to align their teeth. Compared to earlier times, all thanks to technology – now the metallic braces have become much more sophisticated, smaller and flatter than they used to be. The procedure also is no longer painful or uncomfortable for the patients. Compared to other treatments, metallic braces offer a more lasting solution.


At Same Day Dental Implants Clinic, we are offering a wide range of orthodontic appliances to our patients so that they can smile and laugh as much as they want, with full confidence. Before the braces are applied on patients, our dental specialists evaluate the teeth of patient and then recommend the treatment.


Typically, metallic braces are used by children and teenagers. Designed with top quality titanium or stainless steel, they will give you the smile you always wanted.

Braces have the following three parts generally:


With the aid of glue, brackets are actually stuck to the surface of the teeth. They make sure that braces will stay in their place.



The duty of archwire is to guide the teeth towards the correct positioning. It is made of thin metal. It connects the brackets together.

Ligature Elastic

Ligature elastic are also called as rubber bands. They connect both the archwire and the brackets in a symmetrical form on the surface of the teeth. The rubber bands need to be adjusted on a regular basis by the orthodontist. To get them re-adjusted, you will first need to schedule an appointment. The bands come in a number of colors.

How do they work?

By placing consistent and constant pressure on the teeth so that they can be moved from the current position to the newer one, metallic braces do their part. The orthodontist or even the patient himself can tighten the archwires so that enough pressure is being placed on the teeth.

Why get metallic braces?

When you want smile confidently, talk with others and laugh as much as you want without being embarrassed of your teeth or the shape of your mouth – getting metallic braces is the best cost-effective solution. As cost is important for most of the patients, we at Same Day Dental Implants Clinic offer dental treatments at justified costs.

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