10 years guarantee on Dental Implants

Any dental implants that has been done by Same Day Dental Implants will be removed at free of cost and replaced with a new one if there is any type of problem or issue without any extra expenditure. After 10 years have passed, the implant will be replaced on money.



5 years guarantee on Teeth

If there is any defect, fracture in any of the prosthodontic components in five years after the treatment has been done, it will be repaired or replaced without taking any extra money.  After five years have passed, they will have to pay to get the prosthodontic components repaired or replaced.



Terms & Conditions


The following terms and condition are applied for availing the guarantee:



  1. The patient is required to attend the clinical evaluation, cleaning and x-rays on an annual basis. No extra cost will be incurred for it. After two years, nominal fee will be charged from them.
  2. If a patient has been instructed to wear a night guard, they should wear it.
  3. It is important that the patients should maintain oral hygiene and clean the teeth properly as guided by the specialist.

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