Full mouth implants



If you are going through substantial tooth loss, which needs to have replacement teeth – you should go for full-mouth implants. The best dental specialists in Dubai work in our dental clinic to provide you with dental treatments and solutions that are exceptional and excellent.



What are full mouth implants?


The full mouth implants are for those people who have a lot of missing teeth. For instance, if you have some infection or tooth decay that has resulted in the loss of all lower or upper teeth – you should get full mouth implants. You will get new teeth that look and function like the real teeth.



Typically, a full moth treatment includes:

  • Six or eight dental implants (they are implanted either in upper or lower jaw)
  • Porcelain teeth to give natural smile


What is a full mouth implants treatment?


The first step of the treatment revolves placing titanium screws into jawbone. For a week or fortnight, the screws are left so that they can fuse with the jawbone. Once they have completed fused and the specialist is 100% sure about it, porcelain teeth are adjusted and placed into the screws. According to your unique dental structure, the teeth are personalized and made just for you. As a result, you’d get a smile full of confidence and happiness.


How to take care of new teeth?


To take care of your new teeth and for them to have a long life, it is important that you clean them and maintain them like you would maintain your real teeth.

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