Same Day Dental Implants Clinic in Dubai

Same Day Dental Implants Clinic is one of the best and most reputable dental clinics in Dubai. By using state-of-the-art technology, most advanced dental treatments – Same Day Dental Implants Clinic is able to help all of its patients in the best possible way.

All patients at the clinic are treated with utmost care and attention and specialist dentists of their very field and area attend to them.

Non-invasive surgical techniques that are neither time consuming nor are painful for the patients are used at the dental clinic. The dental clinic had been working in Europe for the last 15 years and has treated thousands of patients over the years. The expertise and knowledge of dentistry makes Same Day Dental Implants Clinic the best dental clinic in Dubai to get any type of dental treatments you are looking for.  


Equipped with latest and most modern dental equipment, Same Day Dental Implants Clinic provides each of the patients with the dental treatments that are at par with the rest of the world. Using Dental Laboratories and 3D Bone Cat-Scanner, it has become possible for the specialists at the dental clinic to effectively exercise dental implants, fix teeth and extractions in just one day.

As a result of its untiring work and excellence in the dental implant treatment field, SameDay Dental Implants Clinic was awarded by the Swedish founder of dental implantology, Professor PI Branemark the status of Branemark Osseointegration Centre – Dubai.

In the entire world, there are only 10 dental clinics that have been awarded this title. The SameDay treatment means that the patients can get their implants and teeth in the same day, instead of waiting for months to get the dental implants. Patients who walk through the gates of the dental clinic can get implants immediately and smile just within hours their perfect smile.


All types of patients are welcomed with open arms by the SameDay Dental Implants Clinic In Dubai. Whether you are a cardiac, diabetic, osteoporotic or a post-traumatic patient – we will provide you with dental implants on the same day without having any adverse effect on your health.

Along with the implant treatment, the following treatments are also provided at the dental clinic:


  • Traditional and aesthetic prosthodontic treatment
  • Surgical and simple removal of wisdom tooth, extraction of teeth, tumours and cysts
  • Radiological services
  • Orthognathic surgery techniques
  • Dental Implants at SameDay Dental Implants Clinic


When you lose a tooth because of cavity or any other reason like decay, disease or an injury – getting a dental implant is the best solution.

By replacing the tooth that had been lost with a new one by dental implants can help in improving your oral health and enhance your self-esteem and smile.  


A dental implant actually a titanium screw root, it is fitted into the socket of the missing teeth (that was lost). The new tooth looks and functions like the real teeth and depending upon your requirement and need can be done for more than one tooth.

Typical dental implant treatments take a number of months to actually take place but at SameDay Dental Implants Clinic, this is not the case. The entire procedure is completed in merely three appointments with the specialist.

The missing teeth are immediately replaced with the dental implants into the bone.

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