Dental Extractions



What is dental extraction

When a tooth cannot be rectified in any way or improved its health, it can become an issue for the surrounding teeth and your mouth. In such a case, the tooth is surgically removed. If you keep on delaying the removal of an infected tooth or teeth, it might result in a number of serious dental infections, discomfort and also extreme pain. Whenever a tooth has a decay or has some infection that damages it for good, tooth extraction is required.

How is dental extraction is done

While some teeth are positioned at simple places, others have extremely complex position. Thereof the procedure directly depends on the position of the infected or damaged tooth. If the tooth is placed at a simple position, it is merely pulled out by using extraction forceps or elevators. If the tooth is in a complex location, surgery is done to cut through the surrounding tissues to extract the tooth efficiently.


The dental specialist will anesthetize the surrounding gum tissue before starting the procedure. Naturally, when the tooth is extracted – blood will start to flow. To stop the flow, gauze pack is planted on the extraction location. For the next few hours, you will be asked to abstain from consuming any food. After that, the specialist will advise you to eat foods that cannot affect or hurt the place where tooth was extracted from. If you eat something hard that gets stuck in the mouth or at the extracted tooth location, it can result in infection.

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