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Just like any other part of the body needs to be cleaned every now and then, same rule applies on teeth. Although you might be brushing your teeth on a regular basis, you can still have uncleaned teeth because toothbrush cannot reach certain places of the mouth and teeth. At Same Day Dental Implants Center, we provide each one of our patients with dental cleaning treatments that will give them perfectly white teeth.

Our Services:

Understanding how every person can have a different need and requirements, we have divided our services in the following categories:

Routine cleaning

Evident by its name, the routine dental cleaning procedure is when a person wants to get their teeth cleaned regularly. The procedure includes polishing and scaling and the procedure is done twice a year. The procedure is especially recommended to people who have had aligners, or braces as they are unable to brush their teeth properly and they remain unclean. Such people should regularly clean their teeth once every three months.

Full mouth checkup & X-rays

Being specialists, we know how much important it is that your dental health is always perfect and taken care of. By getting x-rays and full mouth checkups, you can always know if you are starting to have any dental abnormality or if you should be on the lookout for a dental treatment.


Dental exam

It is quite possible that you have a pain in your tooth or that your teeth seem to be making weird sounds and you want to meet a dental specialist. For this case, we offer in person dental exams where you can easily discuss all your queries related to dental health and get the best diagnosis, suggestions and recommendations for treatments.

Deep scaling & root planning

Patients who either have some type of gum diseases or they have other oral diseases, it becomes necessary that they get thorough and deep cleaning. For this, deep scaling and root planning and done to patients to make their teeth completely clean. Generally, two visits and consultation from one of our specialists is required to start the treatment.

Preventative dental care consultation

Prevention is the best cure is one of the mantras that we practice at Same Day Dental Implants Clinic. While we provide premium quality dental treatments, our specialists also offer preventative consultation for dental care that educate individuals about their dental health and the measures they should take.

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