The All-on-six treatment is actually used for quick restoration. When a person wants to restore a perfect smile, the treatment is used to supplant the whole lower or upper set of teeth.


Evident by the name, the procedure includes 6 dental implants, which are used as anchors for denture or arch. The implants are placed in either the upper or the lower jawbone. The purpose of this treatment is to create a beautiful and flawless smile.

When you go through All-on-six treatment at SameDay Dental Implants Clinic, the dental specialist will conduct a thorough examination and take X-rays of your mouth to determine what needs to be done and whether this treatment is ideal for it or not.


Who should get All-on-six?


Anyone who has either the full upper or bottom arch missing, this treatment is perfect. But if you are either a tobacco user or diabetic, this treatment is not recommended for you. An oral examination is first conducted by the specialists and medical history is taken into consideration. They are a more stable and long-term alternate to the otherwise traditional dentures.


Why go for All-on-six?


One of the reasons why you should for this treatment is that it does not require any bone grafting. It is an easy and a quick dental solution. Also they offer long-lasting restoration of teeth.

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