If you are not comfortable with the way your bottom or upper teeth look or if they have been chipped or broken in an injury, you can get the four bottom or upper teeth replaced with the all-on-four dental implant treatment. By using the latest dental technology, full arch of teeth can be implanted in the lower or upper jaw in one go, without having to do this individually.


Who should get All-on-four?


Any individual who wants to get dental implants either for their bottom or upper teeth can benefit from this treatment. Also people who have more than one or two missing teeth can also be benefitted from this method.


The dental specialists after doing a detailed analysis of your teeth will determine if All-in-four treatment should be used or not.


Why choose All-on-four?

Instead of getting dental implants for individual tooth, you can get them together. The implants help you in having a better and fuller smile. If you are looking for a cost-effective, painless and quick treatment for your missing teeth – getting the all-on-four treatment is the best for you.


The most important reason why you should choose All-on-four dental treatment is that it will give you the perfect smile you always wanted.

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